The school year is about to end. And to be honest, this blog is actually just part of our school activity. We were tasked to create a blog. 

At first, I was afraid of doing an Art blog maybe because of my schedule, maybe because I do not have enough art materials or maybe because I am afraid to be compared and to be judged by other people based on my posts. All of those things played inside my mind but I had no choice. I need to do it.

Aside from painting, doodling or sketching, I’ve also tried here doing other form of arts such as poem and articles related to arts. It was challenging. It was really challenging to write things based on my own experiences.

Another challenge I accepted was receiving requests from my friends. I encouraged them to send me requests of painting and it was really quite challenging. I needed to make them feel satisfied on what artwork I am doing for them.

I’ve actually had a lot of posts which I consider as my favorite. Today, I will be sharing again some of them.

Those are some of the things I created and posted on this blog. Now, the school year may end after a couple of months but I am still hoping that I would still be able to create artworks and to post them here in the future.

Before I end this post, I would like to share this quote of mine:

I am a blogger. I may not gain hundreds of likes and comments but I am now gaining thousands of confidence on my artworks. 🙂

I am really thankful to everyone. May we all have a wonderful life. Good day! 🙂


  1. All the best. Habits become practices. Practice makes you perfect. Life is all about cherish simple things to best level. So what ever you are doing keep confidence and moving ahead. There will be best ahead at the road end. All the best to your friends in the class room and hope all of you turn in to successful futures pride of the nation. Do what ever you want to make it perfect with best ability. Cheers Artsy….

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    • This is one of the best comment I had. No wonder why you have lots of friends on this community.
      Thank you very much Smile for this, I really appreciate this and your other comments as well as your likes. Cheers to you too 🙂


      • Who finds a friend, finds a treasure dear Artsy. Friends across the world are the wings to fly seamlessly. I follow many young bloggers like you and read their thoughts and comment what exactly i feel. When i was in schools we had no chance to write the blogs those days we had many pen friends. Digital world bring people together and make the communication easier. In case if i go to Manila i also would like to go to your university and meet you all too. Young generation is the treasure of this globe and more you all smile and perform the nation would be happy for tomorrow. I’m glad to have many friends who are diversified in many fields of interests. So age no bar for good minds and smile is Universal. Cheers to you and study well and get best grades for lovely tomorrow.
        Have a wonderful day. Lots of Smiles.


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