Face Paint

 Today, we had an event at our university. I became one of the artists who were invited to paint something on the faces of our fellow STEM students. I really had fun today!

I would like to share here some of my works…. Face paint yey! By the way he’s my classmate! 

​He actually requested for a darker version of what we are supposed to do. (A bird with white feathers and light blue part of the eye). The finished work actually looks like one of my paintings before haha. 

Painting on a piece of paper, plywood, or canvass is really different from painting on someone’s faces. The challenge here is that you must be able to make them satisfied on what you are doing on that specific person’s face. 

I am really thankful to all the people who trusted me today. I do not want to miss the opportunity to take a picture of me, together with my work. 

​I actually look terrible on the picture (hahaha!) because of tiredness but I really enjoyed everything.

 This will not be possible without the organization’s invitation as well as to those people who trusted me to paint something on their faces. Thank you very much!


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