Let’s learn painting.

Good day!

I will be sharing my ‘how to do a painting’ here.

Of course, you will be needing materials such as paintbrush, paints, pencil and a paper. (I only use bond paper and sometimes, a poster paper. I recommend using poster paper because it has better quality for painting than on normal bond papers.) 

Using a canvass is a big ‘yes’ too but for beginners like me, I only use poster and bond papers.

First, I sketched objects on my paper. You can use any type of pencil here so feel free to draw whatever you want. Just make sure that you will stroke them lightly!

As you can see in the picture, I drew a circle which will be the moon later on. I used the container of a foundation powder on tracing its shape. (I do this trick often whenever I will draw a circle since I don’t want my circle to look like a flat tire of a car)

On starting a painting, you will not be needing detailed sketches of what you want to be on your paper or canvass. The paint itself will be your instrument on giving more details to your work.

Then, start painting your background. This time, you may use a single color and I used blue for this artwork. This will be your base color.

Do not worry if your base color is not equally distributed to your artwork because you can still make few adjustments while shading them later.

Shading is another important factor when it comes to painting. It will give more life to your artwork.

As you can see in the picture, the darker side will be on the corners of the paper. The light source on this artwork will be the moon so obviously, let us make the moon’s part the lighter shade.

For the silhouete of the tree as well as the land, I only used pure black paint.   So this is the funniest part I did, I sacrificed my old paintbrush just to achieve the ‘realistic leaves effect’ of the tree. Haha! I do not know if there are also some artist who does the same thing that I do. 

To finish my painting, I started to put colors on the moon. The most exciting   part on painting is that when you are about to finish and it seems like you really have no idea on how to draw that specific last object. And it will literally gives you fear that your artwork might just look like a mess after an hour of hardwork LOL.

And here it is! I also made adjustments on the shading of the background to give more highlights to the moon.


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