Eye (I) am learning!

Good day!

Yesterday, I decided to finish the ‘portrait’ I posted recently.

By that time, I was doing nothing so I grabbed another piece of paper as well as my favorite pen.

I started to draw and it was really fun. I just got home from our university that time and despite of that tiring day, I still enjoyed drawing.

After a couple of minutes, it was already done. I tried looking at it and I just noticed that there is something wrong.

I grabbed my pen again and started to make the drawing darker.

For the second time, I stared at it. I remember the advice given to me by my classmate which is really an excellent artist.

“Tip ko sayo, kung portrait or tinatry mo mareach yung “realistic”ness ng isang drawing, hindi kailangan nang super details, kailangan tama yung shadow at highlights… and mas effective kung mas dark siya” he said.
I then followed what he said so I made my drawing darker by applying more ink onto it.

It really makes a big difference.

This picture shows the changes on my work. The first one (from the left) is obviously shaded lighter while the last picture is the final photo of my masterpiece.
I admit that this is one of my favorite artwork!

I am really thankful to other artists’ tips on how to make an artwork more beautiful. Again, I am still hoping for more improvements on my works. 🙂


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