Am I really an artist?


I frequently ask myself, Am I really an artist? But I barely consider myself an artist.

It really makes me feel shy whenever someone will tease me or call me an “Artist”. The reason why I do not accept of being called an artist is because before, I see artists as someone with great talent into something that gives beauty into another thing. I also see them having high authority. I see them as popular people having popular works. Those things are the reason why I do not consider myself an artist before.

That idea of mine is quite contradicting to what I am saying that everything is art. If everything is art, why am I not considering myself an artist if I am part of that “Everything” I am talking about? I have so many questions running inside my mind but there is one realization that I had.

“We are beautiful in our own ways.”

That is one of the popular quotes I have read about beauty. We all create beauty to everything even to ourselves because it is a nature to us. If we are all capable of creating beauty in our own ways, we are all considered artists because that is what arts wants us to do, which is to make things beautiful. We create beauty through arts by means of different ways because it only differs on what material or process we use.

Being an artist does not mean you need to be good at drawing, to be right at grammar on writing or to be best at performing on stage. We are all artists. I now consider myself artist! Yes, I am an artist, and you are too!


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