Christmasaya Carnival

Christmasaya Carnival

December 25, 2017


Yesterday we went to Marikina Riverbank here in the Philippines. We went at the Christmasaya (Christmas + Masaya, a Filipino term for “joy”) Carnival and it was a fun experience to be at the carnival again after so many years. I can’t remember the exact year the last time I’ve been into a carnival but I was just a kid back then.


When we got inside the carnival, the first thing that caught my attention is the crowd. Just by that time, I realized that I do not want to be at a crowded area because of too much noise and I hate it. People were bumping each other while laughing and the happiness they were feeling by that time is really obvious. Nevertheless, it is Christmas so I just enjoyed everything and let myself feel the overflowing joy at the carnival.

The first ride I saw was the Octopus Ride. I did not have the chance to take a picture of it but I think it is actually the most exciting ride there. It seems that the person riding it was being thrown in the air on a random direction, and that makes me say “I will never try that one.”


This is the Supermoon ride. This looks like the popular ride at the Enchanted Kingdom, Disc-o Magic and that was a really fun ride. This Supermoon is like a spinning disk and I did not even have the gut to try it because from the time I walked in at the carnival, the “ikking” of its gears frightened me. So again, that makes me say “I will never try that one.”


That one is the Flying fiesta. It is like a big and extreme swing. I did not try this so I just stayed outside and when this ride started, it was really funny because it seems like you are standing in front of a big electric fan.

Outside the main carnival, there are Ferris wheel and a ride which they call Vikings. They were both an extreme ride which I did not try too.


So the only ride I tried is this… Wacky Worm. It is actually a ride intended for kids. I do not know why the heck I just rode that one. It is really funny to think that I prefer riding this with kids than riding extreme rides with teens like me.

Overall, I think this carnival really brings joy to other people this Christmas. Try to visit some carnival at your places!



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