Reminiscing my first experience on a Drawing competition.

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So basically, I started joining drawing competitions when I was just 13 years old. It was a “Comic Strip Making Contest” that was held on our school before. I was just a Grade 8 student by that time and I do not really have enough idea about those kinds of stuffs. I was just encouraged by my close friend, named Ruth, to join.


We were tasked to draw a comic strip in line with the annual celebration of the Nutrition month. I admit the fact that I had a difficult time managing the allotted time limit they gave to us. By that time, I concluded that joining such competitions is not easy. It will require you great imagination and great skills to say that you have succeeded on that particular matter. I treasure those moments and even if it was just my first time joining it, I can really say that I learned a lot from it. So here are some of the things that came from my mind by that time:



I felt really sad seeing my art materials after the competition. They all looked like a helpless thing that if they could talk, they would probably yell at me.  My color pencils were blunted. So my mistake is that I did not bring any coloring material aside from my 20 pieces color pencils only. As a result, my artwork looks too pale. For me, it doesn’t have any life on it haha!




My hands were in pain due to the fact that I had to finish it as soon as possible because I am running out of time. Inside my mind is that I will not make it to the end. I put so many characters on my artwork and the time is not enough for me to finish coloring them. In the end, I still finished them but it looks like a mess hahaha!




I really wanted to win but I did not. I pushed myself so hard that I weren’t able to ask myself “Do you want to win or you just wanna enjoy it?”  when in fact that I can really do both of them. I can win the competition if I will just give my heart on what I am doing and through that I will still enjoy it! It’s as simple as that. Draw not just with your imagination but also with your heart.


I did not win but I am happy that I had a chance to discover my passion on drawing and joining such competitions. By the way, my friend Ruth won and she was the 3rd runner up.  I am really happy for her and I am also thankful to her because she introduced to me my new hobby, which is drawing.


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