Kampeon (Champion)


I remember this Poster Making Competition I joined on the current University I am attending now, University of Makati. It was held at the year 2016 and it is also part of the annual celebration of “Buwan ng Wika” at our campus.

Our artworks were posted on Facebook and part of the criteria is the number of “likes” we can get. After a couple of days when the voting was already over, I had only 321 likes while the most number of likes is 1,400+. By that time, I lost my tiny chances of winning. I will be honest to you guys, I am not proud of my artwork that time. I felt shy about it. I was not confident and it drove me thinking that I cannot do well at drawing anymore. I even planned to stop joining such competitions because I already lost my hope. Compared to other beautiful and realistic artworks, the stories on my artworks are the only unique thing I got.

So the day of recognition had come. My friend and I decided to go there since we wanted to have our certificate of being part of that competition. As I was looking around, something caught my attention, my artwork. I saw my artwork and I am a little bit confused on what’s with it, THERE’S A RIBBON! I was shookt. It took me minutes after I realize that “Hey! I really won!”

I was so glad and I cannot really explain the feeling that time. Do you know the feeling of losing hope? And in just one snap of your finger, everything wrong you are thinking turned to be so right?

I was wrong. I was wrong that I did not trust myself on what I can really do. I was wrong to question my talents, that even though I am not really good at it, I should be proud and I should let my weakness be my strength.

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