Differently same

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How am I going to start this? With so many random thoughts coming into my mind, I do not know where to begin. It is really hard to live on this world where everything you do is visible to the eye of everybody, even the smallest shadow of you. I would like to share this experience of mine to you, which I think will let myself free from feeling different and maybe to you too.

Even from the very beginning of my life, I feel different among the people around me. I am afraid to be judged by others. That is the reason why I let the barriers be built around me.


I did not see the real world until the day that I learned to draw came. I am considering this as one of the most important discovery I made in my entire life. Drawing makes me realize many things. It gives me reason to see the beauty of everything around me. I have this kind of habit until now that whenever I draw, I should put deeper meaning to it. I consider paper and pencil as my platform on showing my emotions and vision to the world. If someone will ask me to draw something, I promise you that I can give you the story behind every single character on it, even the smallest line and a single color to it.


Just like the characters on my artworks, the lines and every single stroke, the brightest and the darkest colors, the sizes and the shapes, it all reminds me of the people around me – differently created and randomly located but gives same meaning to the entire paper. It took me years after I realize the connection of my works to the world. After I had this simple habit on drawing, I had this kind of realization that world is like a piece of paper, a paper full of imagination and an imagination that makes the impossible, possible.


I am different and you are too. We are all different and that makes us unique.  We are different but we can all make one big and meaningful definition to the world. Through that, it will make us the same.



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