The Overflow


September 07, 2017

That was the date I realized that I really know how to use paintbrush! Haha! I admit that I had the experience painting before but I mixed paints with water and we know the fact that it is not used that way! So going back to this picture, I finished this artwork on the 7th day of September, year 2017. It was part of our take home school activity and it took me 6 hours painting it.

I gave it a title “The Overflow” because by the time I am doing it, I am full of emotions. I feel loved, happy, motivated and a bit nervous because I know many people are expecting me to come up with a nice output, and I do hope that I did a great job haha. So the colorful and different variations of flowers symbolizes my overflowing emotions.

It was just my 2nd time to create a painting and I am still adjusting on the new art styles I used on that day that’s why I faced different struggles such as back pain. (My mistake is that I did not stand nor change my position on that 6 hours straight time, I learned a lot from it haha)

While I am doing this painting, something came into my mind: “Involving on this kind of matter molds your personality too. It will also require you great patience and it will test your willingness to finish it.”

(I am sorry for the low quality picture )


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